WhatsApp Image 2017-03-20 at 19.41.45AIKIDO PRACTICE SCHEDULE

Alberto Tranzocchi
Alessandra Di Stefano

Technical reference: Pasquale Robustini

Monday and Wednesday, 8.30 – 10.00 pm

from September to July at the Renato Costantini gym.

Enrollments are accepted at any time of year or month

– Gym club yearly membership: €40 (including CSAIn insurance, free for annual subscriptions)
– Mat fee: €55/month – €150/3 mo. – €285/6 mo. – €445/yr.
– Single classes €8 – €65/10 classes – €115/20 classes – €250/20 classes
– Progetto Aiki yearly membership: €10 (may vary)

Upon subscribing, it is mandatory to include a medical certificate attesting your good health conditions for the practice of non-agonistic sports
(medical check-ups are also available on site).

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Uniforms (keikogi) and wooden weapons (bokken, jo and tanto) are at the subscriber’s expense.

Aikido Roma Nord is a member of Progetto Aiki.