Informazioni per i Principianti


Seigo Yamaguchi (1924-1996): “It is difficult but desirable to keep a beginner’s spirit”.


What is Aikido?

Aikido is a Japanese martial art with no combat and competitions. As “martial art” we mean the translation of the Japanese word “budo”, the way of the warrior, not “bujutsu”, the combat technique. Aikido is a practice for well being, to learn how our body works so we can use it in a more natural way. If you want to know Aikido, feel free to visit us for a try! Trial lessons are free of charge and they are far better than sitting there and just watch. There’s no need of a particular uniform for a trial class; wearing a sportsuit and taking off your shoes will be enough. Classes are held from September through July but you can enroll at any time of year or month.

Whom is Aikido for
Thanks to the lack of competition, Aikido can be practiced by everybody, provided you can certify your good health conditions for the practice of non-agonistic sports. Aikido is a discipline for adults, therefore we advise to enroll after 12-13 years of age or more (or even older). Many elders do practice Aikido, but starting Aikido at an old age is a different matter. It is not impossible, if you don’t expect to train like a 20 year old…

Practice risks
You will learn Aikido gradually and no one will ever force you to do things you’re not prepared for. The partner’s safety is the first principle you will learn. Aikido is a martial art and its techniques are derived from real combat, but its locks and throws have been modified in order to learn a more intelligent use of the human body. Used correctly, they can’t be of any harm.

Self defense?
Performing Aikido techniques on somebody who does not know it can be very dangerous and it’s against the Aikido etiquette. While many describe it as a self-defense system, Aikido is actually a form of Budo, a discipline for self-improvement, based on realistic simulation of combat. Although, in case of aggression, some Aikido training is better than none, it will surely give you firm basics for self-defense, but this is not its goal.

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