Philippe Gouttard

phil-pasqBorn in 1954 in Saint-Étienne, France, Philippe Gouttard started Aikido at 16 at the Portail Rouge Dojo under Blachon sensei, the same Dojo where Pabiou sensei and Cognard sensei began.

The first decisive influence to Philippe Gouttard’s practice came from Tamura sensei. He started traveling abroad to follow great Japanese masters such as Tamura, Noro and Kobayashi. It was when training with Noro sensei that Philippe met Asai sensei of the German Aikikai. It was a fundamental encounter for Philippe, who left France to move to Germany for 7 years.
seigo-yamaguchi-and-philippe-gouttard-01In 1978 another encounter took place that would have put Philippe in the direction of his present Aikido: Christian Tissier was leading a seminar in Saint-Étienne. From that day on, Gouttard sensei never stopped following him and improving himself by staying in continuous contact with Tissier sensei. As a consequence, Philippe was able to meet Seigo Yamaguchi sensei (right), whom he regularly visited in Japan, where Philippe keeps training every year since the early 80s.
In Japan, Philippe Gouttard also follwed the teachings of Kisshomaru Ueshiba sensei and Kissaburo Osawa sensei. Although the three masters have now passed, the new teachings at the Hombu Dojo in Tokyo still give Philippe pleasure as he trains under the new Doshu, Seihiro Endo sensei, Masatoshi Yasuno sensei, among other at Aikikai.
For 15 years Philippe has been the F.F.A.A.A. technical advisor for the Rhône-Alpes region. He received his 6th dan from the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in the hands of Seishiro Endo (after approval from Yamaguchi sensei). In 2017, the Hombu Dojo in Tokyo awards him the 7th dan and the Shihan title.
He holds classes in France and abroad: Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Czeck Republic, United States, The Netherlands, Italy and the French islands of Reunion and Martinique.
Philippe Gouttard trained a number of high ranking teachers, among which Luc Mathevet 6th dan, Cyril Lagrasta 5th dan, plus many other black belts across Europe.
Today he continues his life as a budoka after having graduated in osteopathy in 2007 so he could better understand the functioning of the human body.

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Philippe’s interest for osteopathy stems from the idea that a teacher of a discipline involving the human body should know very well how it functions. The result is a very dynamic Aikido, focused on physical and psychological wellness, on keeping the correct posture according to human physiology in every moment of the training, as well as on physical and mental presence on the mat. Philippe Gouttard sensei pushes his trainees to their own physical and psychological limits so their technique may emerge spontaneously, as in a sort of meditation state triggered when accessing our energy reserves. He is one of the few teachers who still fights the ego in his students, as it is an obstacle according to eastern martial tradition. Philippe’s Aikido is aimed to the essence of the technique, to its spirit, to fighting our own fears and unsecurities. It gives unique charge and energy.