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progettoaikiAIKIKAI-logoOur dojo, as part of the “Renato Costantini Sports Academy“, is a member of the “Progetto Aiki”, the Italian association focused on promoting Aikido. The Progetto Aiki association is acknowledged by the Aikido World Headquarters, the Aikikai Foundation‘s Honbu Dojo in Tokyo, as an institution entitled to spread the Aikido principles as they were taught by the Founder, Morihei Ueshiba.

Our group is acknowledged by the Italian sports agency (CONI) through the CsaIn sport promoting agency.

Alessandra Di Stefano


Alessandra began practicing Aikido in January 2011 at Aikido Roma Nord with Pasquale Robustini.
Practicing continuously with passion and remarkable constancy, she earned her Aikido black belt in January 2016.
As an assiduous practitioner, Alessandra continues training and teaching at the home dojo as Level 1 instructor, taking also part to several national and international seminars.

Alberto Tranzocchi


Alberto began Aikido practice at Aikido Roma Nord in October 2010 with Pasquale Robustini.
He soon gained a great passion for the practice and continued training constantly; in January 2016 he earned his Aikido black belt.
Alberto continues practicing and teaching at Aikido Roma Nord as Level 1 instructor and aide to the dojo’s technical manager.

Pasquale Robustini – Technical manager

foto2Pasquale started Aikido in 2001 within the Italian organization UISP/ADO at the Sakitama Dojo of Rome, Italy, with Valter Francia Sensei (a former student of Roberto Martucci Sensei), where he became yudansha in 2007.

pasq1Soon impressed by Aikido, he’s always been studying with passion and continuity, undergoing regular training by attending national and international seminars with renown Aikido masters from different technical schools.

In 2008, Pasquale has been teaching Aikido at the Sakura Dojo of Viterbo, Italy, and in 2010 he started his own Aikido course in a dojo north of Rome, affiliated to the Italian association Progetto Aiki, of which he is a certified Level 3 Aikido instructor. Several years ago Pasquale began following the teachings of the French master Philippe Gouttard Sensei of FFAAA, attending his seminars in Italy and abroad.