ueshiba5philippe-gouttardThere are many different schools of Aikido. The founder, Morihei Ueshiba, had many different students through the years. Many of them created their own Aikido style. In general, it is understandable that, as each single human being is unique, each one of us moves in a different manner and therefore practices Aikido in a different way.

Aikido Roma Nord draws inspiration from Philippe Gouttard‘s teachings. This does not mean we have the pretense to be his acknowledged students, not even that we can do everything he does on the mat. Philippe Gouttard’s Aikido also draws from the genius of Seigo Yamaguchi, although he has been training with several different masters. At the same time his Aikido aims to achieve physical and mental wellness thanks to Philippe’s osteopathy background; this practice emphasizes the spirit of the technique, its essence, rather than the execution details.

What characterizes the Aikido practice at Katsu Dojo is performing the techniques in full respect of the joints function.

  • The goal is exercising our joints to work at their maximum extension and in the way they were designed to do by nature, so that they will last longer. Also fundamental is how the back and the knees are working, something easily overlooked.
  • Often, Aikido techniques are painful, which is usually the reason why uke’s body moves – hence under contraction. We try to learn how to use the body’s natural bio-mechanics, not pain, to mobilize our partners. In this way we can avoid the usual joint issues affecting even seasoned practitioners.
  • During the technique, the whole body must take part to it, it breathes, every section moving in harmony; this avoids traumas and also ensures that our bodies can grow better, building our body intelligence.
  • The constant physical contact should help developing fine sensibility among partners so that they can establish a deep, intimate kind of communication; eventually, a simple touch, a grab will be enough to understand everything about our partner.
  • Intensity, involvement, commitment and passion while performing a technique are paramount so that our practice won’t be empty, appearing “false” to external observers.

This interpretation of Aikido involves a remarkable physical and psychological commitment, but its goal is to keep us young for a longer time and to fight our inner limits and fears in order to overcome the ego, according to the spirit of Budo. Our association Progetto Aiki is officially recognized by the World Aikido Headquarters of the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo.

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