Guitar player and Hifi enthusiast, geologist, and “computerphile” (link to Bio)

A website about some of my interests. The first two here are those who are giving me most satisfaction today: Music, both when I play with my friends and when I listen to it on my Hifi system.


Born to play guitar

Resuming playing the guitar is one of the best things I’ve done to my life recently, especially since it happened in a very difficult time. Let’s say it helped me maintain my self balance and … sanity.

TD160 rubbermat

I still play vinyl

The way I listen to music instead has been a constant. Maybe I can’ t see well but I can hear very well, so I particularly care about the quality of the sound when I approach the art form that touches me deep down most of all.




“Geologica” is a journey to discover our planet from the point of view of a geologist (reminds me of “Galactica” – I just liked it). It is aimed at divulgation but I admit that it is not easy to read. The hope is that it will be useful both to those who accidentally want to know more, and to any students who may find it helpful.



Information technology has to do with my new job but has been an interest since my school days. Today it would be good to use a secure operating system like Linux in our always-connected world. At least let’s try to use as much free and opensource software as possible.



I’m not a car addict per se, but I like to drive a car that gives me a certain kind of feeling. Alfa Romeo is its emblem and in my particular instance it reminds me of other times, not because it is not cutting-edge, but because in my opinion it has always kept the same spirit, even considering only its design, something that brings me back to the time when things were done in “a certain way”. And anyway the car models of the past represent their era and also my memories.


I still use film

Photography is something like that. Like vinyl records, it’ a way of finding the least hectic pace of times when digital technology didn’t force us to hurry. I admit that I don’t develop the film, ironically I don’t have the time or the way, but I have it done in a lab, also requiring the scans to have – alas – a file to use in a modern way. What’s the point? With film you shoot in a different way and – for me – even when you look at it on a monitor, an analog photograph has something different.


DISCLAIMER: some could think “who the hell is this guy?” and they would be right, I am nobody. Even people who know me might say “who does he think he is?”, “…his own website? Come on!” – well, this website was born as an experiment: I wanted to understand how it works. When I started it it was made by HTML through the editor Dreamweaver. Later I wanted to try a CMS and opted for Joomla. Eventually I migrated to WordPress. Once online, it has grown up during the years and I’ve grown fond of it. So I started to populate it with things of my interest and also blog posts that sure are of no interest for most people. But it is my website and I do whatever I want with it. If incidentally it becomes useful to some, I would be the happiest web writer! If some find it ridiculous that I’m publishing stuff on my own webpages, well… just switch page!