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Literally it means “The Dojo of Victory”. The Aikido founder, Morihei Ueshiba, had a motto: Masagatzu Agatsu Katsu Hayabi (正勝 吾勝, 勝早日), It can be translated as “the true victory is the victory over oneself, the victory here and now.” Aikido is a modern Budo, not a Bujutsu, so it uses combat techniques in order to reach a higher goal than self defense, that is the full deveopment of the human potential. In ordinary life, this is prevented by some “inner enemies” such as pettiness, ambition and selfishness. Martial arts (meaning Budo) were developed in order to purge one’s character of these undesirable traits and ultimately gain control of our selves both physically and spiritually. The founder also stated that Aikido aims to shape better people. This is why the true victory is the victory over ourselves, over our own inner enemy.


The Katsu dojo is a very simple place where there’s only one important rule: respect.

At Katsu Dojo we learn with the help of the veterans and strive so that the young may grow up well.

At Katsu Dojo we practice in a healthy environment and we are committed to keep it so and to improve it every single day.

At Katsu Dojo each trainee is a partner who helps us growing; for this we learn to face adversity, fatigue and hard work.


CatturaAt Katsu Dojo we learn to face and solve hardship so that we can easily solve simple issues.

At Katsu Dojo we receive at the same extent we give.

At Katsu Dojo we learn how to keep the inner Dragon ready and alert, but at the same time we learn that it can and should stay quiet for the sake of mutual respect.

At Katsu Dojo we learn that if these teachngs are within ourselves in any instant of our lives, our life will be a better one.

(Inspired to the Garyuan Dojo of Rome)

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