Welcome to my website! This is the place where I like to share the things that come to my mind and things I learned in various areas, both professional and recreational.

The blog is also a bit my personal diary, the non-secret one, where I feel like saying something publicly.

It all started with the curiosity to understand how a website is done. Then the thing took my hand and grew over the years. There is no claim to reach a large number of readers. It’s something I do for myself, aware that maybe nobody reads me. In fact most of the pages don’t seem to be written for the web, they are very long with a lot of text and few images. They are not very readable by the standards of the web. II don’t care. This site is a kind of mental archive to myself. If someone will find the things they read here useful, I’ll be the happiest blogger on the internet… 😉

Good reading!

Exams and failures

Pasquale_RobustiniIn the summer of 2012, during the usual Philippe Gouttard seminar in Follonica (Tuscany), I failed my 3rd dan Aikikai exam with the great French master. Some would argue that my image as a teacher, although since a short while, could suffer a serious damage. Furthermore, the feelings after a failure are diverse. The will of practicing decreases a bit. You feel a somehow mentally tired knowing that all you’ve done was not enough, while you were convinced it was much. Like after a bicycle or horse accident, it is important to start over again soon! Thank God I was at a seminar, so, immediately after my failed test, I was back on the mat!
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Understanding the Great Masters

gouttardFor the past three decades, I have been returning to Tokyo every year in order to train with the masters of the Hombu Dojo, and every time I feel the same joy, even though my expectations are not always fulfilled once I actually step on the tatami. But it is just fine like that. Given this situation, there are questions that I am being asked rather often, particularly during the social moments such as those spent at the cafe nearby the Hombu Dojo, the one where foreign practitioners often meet between classes. These questions are mostly “Why are you coming back to Tokyo every year? What are you coming for? Why do you always go to Saku to train with Endo Sensei even though your practice does not at all correspond to the principles that he is demonstrating?” Continue reading  

Books and movies for budokas

AbovethelawOur martial art is not certainly the most famous one. This is also because it is not widely represented in literature and cinema. Maybe the reason is that it is not honed to overwhelming the others, which is something more spectacular than pacific resolution of conflicts. As a matter of fact, this article will not merely be about Aikido. It will focus on the cultural foundations it stems from, by means of two art forms such as literature and cinema.
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