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Geologist, guitar player, Aikido instructor, and HiFi and film photography enthusiast, and Alfa Romeo driver…
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A website about my various interests: the two above give me more satisfaction as of today – music: playing with my friends and listening through my hifi system. The rest, geology included, has a rather sad side to it, since I am not doing it for a living anymore. This informative pages are the way I keep in contact with the geology world…



 The Way of Harmony


Cuore Sportivo


I Still Use Film


IT Story

DISCLAIMER: some could think “who the hell is this guy?” and they would be right, I am nobody. Even people who know me might say “who does he think he is?”, “…his own website? Come on!” – well, this website was born as an experiment: I wanted to understand how it works. When I started it it was made by HTML through the editor Dreamweaver. Later I wanted to try a CMS and opted for Joomla. Eventually I migrated to WordPress. Once online, it has grown up during the years and I grew affectioned to it. So I started to populate it with things of my interest and also blog posts that sure are of no interest for most people. But it is my website and I do whatever I want with it. If incidentally it becomes useful to some, I would be the happiest web writer! If some find ridiculous I publish things on my own webpages, well… just switch page!