photoLet me introduce myself: my name is Pasquale Robustini and I am a geologist.
I was born in Rome, Italy, in 1964 and I hold a high school diploma from a teaching institute (1983) and a Master’s degree in Geological Sciences from the University “La Sapienza” of Rome, Italy (1991), where I also earned the professional certification.
I am specialized in structural geology and field geology. I have a solid scientific background and years of experience in both university (tectonics) and industry (hydrocarbon exploration). I speak English fluently, having often worked in international environments. My passion for teaching arises from my pleasure in helping others but also from a strong drive to sharing what I know and like.

I teach science in English at the St. Thomas’s International School in Viterbo, Italy.
In my free time I play guitar and teach Aikido.
For further information you may visit my Linkedin profile or see my cv.



Personal tutoring in:

Mathematics (middle school and professional high schools)
Chemistry (middle and high school)
Science (middle and high school)
Physics (help reviewing)
English language (written and spoken)
Electric guitar (singing in English)

I can offer tutoring in English for all scientific subjects listed above

Tutoring at your home, online …or just visit me.

At your home: a more comfortable option at a slightly higher cost. It requires a more thorough planning. I am covering the areas north of Rome (Sacrofano, Campagnano, Formello, Giustiniana, Labaro, Prima Porta, Riano, Morlupo, Rignano, Castelnuovo, Monterotondo).

Online: we plan a Skype meeting or you can contact me by mail, phone, and explain your problem. I will provide a private link to a video on my Youtube channel with a class tailored to your specific needs (you won’t see me, but will hear my voice and see my writing on a whiteboard).

at my place: a wonderful old settlement in the countryside north of Rome, Italy – if you live in the area it could be a cheaper option than home tutoring (it is also a way to carving out a moment to focus on study in a different setting than your own place, away from possible distractions).