Packaging instructions

thorens-box-600x397If you buy a Thorens online it is mandatory the seller ships your new turntable in the safer way possible. A professional dealer will know the trade. If it is a private seller instruct him or her on how to package the delicate precision instrument you have just purchased from him or her.
Instructions for the sender:
1- Use a big enough cardboard box that can fit the TT in, including a lot of additional stuff to dampen the package
2- most important: remove the heavy outer platter. The platter will have to be under the turntable during transportation, with no possibilities to move around. Wrap the platter with bubble plastic sheets as much as you can. For no reasons you should ship the turntable with the metal outer platter on!!!
3- once you have removed the platter, you will be able to locate a couple of screws that are meant to keep the floating to chassis from …well …. floating during transport. Tighten them
4- it would be better to remove the headshell and cartridge and find a way to pack them separately so that the stylus is not damaged during transport. Usually cartridges come with some stylus protection but used turntables may not include one
5- secure the tonearm to its lock so that it cannot move. Use anything to bind it so that it won’t snap free from the armrest
6- Important: fill the space under the acrylic cover with as much soft material as you can (paper, plastic….) so that the cover won’t yield under any loads
7- same all around the TT, between it and the box’s walls
8- write “fragile, handle with care and this side up” all around the box.