Training will resume on Thursday, September 10, with the necessary precautions for the use of the designated areas because of Covid-19.

aikidoromanord vieni a provareaikido-kanji-ueshibaWelcome to the Aikido Roma Nord website!

Aikido for Prima Porta, Labaro, Giustiniana, Saxa Rubra, Grottarossa areas.

Aikido Roma Nord (Katsu Dojo) offers Aikido training focused on psychophysical well-being, with the utmost commitment to transmit the passion for this non-competitive discipline, a form of Budo inherited from the ancient Japanese samurai.

Aikido is very effective in fighting one’s own limits, improving the perception of one’s body and others, motor coordination and concentration, confidence in one’s own means, and interpersonal relationships.

Through physical contact, a habit we are losing nowadprogettoaikiays, Aikido helps to rediscover ourselves and fight the stress of everyday life.

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Masagatsu Agatsu, Katsu hayabi (正勝 吾勝, 勝早日): The true victory is the victory over yourself, the victory here and now (Morihei Ueshiba, Aikido Founder)