Some videoclips available on Youtube of some interesting masters and some documentaries about Aikido and the Samurai, broadcasted on several tv channels.

Aikido clips are often fiercely debated. Some are strongly doubtful about the demonstrated techniques and falls, which are often considered false. I’d like to point out that Aikido demonstrations are usually performed by a master on expert students, who know exactly what to do to minimize the effects of the techniques. The result is sometimes spectacular and it often seems false to the untrained eye. Please, keep in mind that while a practitioner performs a technique, the other one performs the right movement to avoid the worst consequences. Otherwise Aikido would be a destructive practice and would fail to honor its own basic principles (and the number of practitioners would rapidly decrease every day).

In a few words, what you are looking at is not a combat and it has no pretense to be one: Aikido training is based on certain movements that can only be performed by collaborating, since their goal is not winning a competition. But this doesn’t mean it is easy. Training is hard but feels good – come and try!