Welcome to my website! This is the place where I like to share the things that come to my mind and things I learned in various areas, both professional and recreational.

The blog is also a bit my personal diary, the non-secret one, where I feel like saying something publicly.

It all started with the curiosity to understand how a website is done. Then the thing took my hand and grew over the years. There is no claim to reach a large number of readers. It’s something I do for myself, aware that maybe nobody reads me. In fact most of the pages don’t seem to be written for the web, they are very long with a lot of text and few images. They are not very readable by the standards of the web. II don’t care. This site is a kind of mental archive to myself. If someone will find the things they read here useful, I’ll be the happiest blogger on the internet… 😉

Good reading!