Grado Signature 8MX phono cartridge

grado 8mrI am very fond of my Joe Grado Signature 8MX cartridge from the 80s. I bought it used in 2014, but I can’t say I really know haw it sounds.

One day I removed the 8MZ from the Gold cart in order to put it on the 8MX and I dropped it! The cantilever was bent. I could not afford to buy a new one. Grado advised me to go for a new Gold1 cartridge, rather obviously stating that they can’t predict how a stylus designed for a cartridge would work on another one. Marc Morin was very kind and offered to have a look at the bent stylus while I used the 5-year old Gold1 stylus on the 8MX body. He was able to straighten the cantilever up, but the output signal was very low. Since in the meantime I also damaged my Gold1


stylus, I have been using the damaged 8MZ stylus on my 8MX body. Sometimes it sounded acceptable, but the level was rather low, the bass range seemed limited and some sibilants were distorted.

I am not allowed to spend money on HiFi stuff as of now. The more so since the 8MZ stylus cost 50 dollars more today! A bigger upgrade would be the MCZ stylus (200 bucks plus shipping!), but the newest Prestige series sounds amazing even at the bottom Black2 level and it appears the best choice in the series would be the Red2, with the 4-piece cantilever. As of today, the 8MX stays without a stylus. It is sad but I am considering to go for a modern Prestige 2 cartridge. However it goes, I’m certain I will still use Grado cartridges, since I like their Italian-American family approach to business. I respect that and I’d rather give my money to such good people when I can…