EPSON MFP imageI was born in Rome in 1964 in a family from Molise. I always say that I am a Roman citizen of Samnite origins who married an Etruscan. So I had no shortage of anything. 😉

I have a degree in geology earned in 1991. I have always been fascinated by science, astronomy and physics. But I landed on the ground with geology, specializing in structural geology. As a geologist I worked for years at the University of Roma Tre dealing with inversion tectonics and 3D geological modeling, as well as GIS and geological mapping. I had the opportunity to travel abroad visiting Leeds University in England and Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA, where I was invited to return for a PhD. It was a few days before September 11th 2001. I never went back there for the degree. However, I had the opportunity to work in the USA later, for a friend’s company, surveying the bottom of New York Bay for a cable-laying project. At that time the story started with my wife, in the streets of New York, where we were going to get married a few years later. I mean, I was born in Rome and reborn in New York…

Then I moved on to industry, in the field of oil exploration. I worked for a Canadian company in Rome, a fantastic experience in an international environment in an industry where Italy represents excellence. I was able to put into practice the knowledge acquired working in the academic world, creating geological sections and maps in GIS, interpreting seismic and well data, reconstructing the geology of the explored areas. Unfortunately, it ended sadly, mostly triggered by the NIMBY effect, very present in Italy, which led Canadians to give up investing in our country – the company closed and I found myself, just over 50 years old, with a small child to support, without work in the midst of the world economic crisis. It was hard, I even worked in a factory and then tried to teach science in schools, even in English. I then found another way thanks to my computer skills, problem-solving skills – and still my English. The scientific basis and the consequent mental form allow an analytical-deductive approach to any problem; my experience in science and applications with different types of software and systems allows me to quickly orient myself in any type of application; all this, plus the fluidity in the use of English to surround it all, has made possible the “miracle” to recycle myself professionally despite I was now over 50 years old.

In my spare time I’ve always played guitar since I was 11 years old. Immediately afterwards I became passionate about high fidelity and stereophonic reproduction of music. Recently I started playing almost seriously again, and now I’m a lead guitar and vocals in a group of vintage cover rockers (my English helps there too). Since 2001 I’ve been practicing Aikido, a Japanese martial art that I’ve been teaching since 2010, thanks to which I’ve learned to fall …and stand up even better – and always move forward.

But the most important thing of all is my family, my lovely wife with whom we started a story as if we were in a movie and who gave me a fantastic son at the end of 2009. They’re my reason for living…

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