I danni dell’ignoranza

airgunL’ignoranza non è solo brutta ma fa anche danni molto gravi. Recentemente il Senato aveva approvato una nuova legge contro i reati ambientali, un’ottima legge se non fosse per una norma che inseriva tra i reati anche la tecnica di prospezione sismica a mare utilizzata normalmente in tutto il mondo. Per fortuna del progresso scientifico e tecnologico e dell’immagine del nostro paese, già non troppo edificante, per cui si fatica ad attrarre investimenti esteri, il Senato ha approvato la legge contro gli ecoreati eliminando la norma contro le prospezioni a mare. Ed ecco che la rete pullula di proteste contro il governo che avrebbe dato così via libera ai petrolieri con le loro bombe a mare, le cosiddette “bombe sismiche”.  Continue reading “I danni dell’ignoranza”

“Vinyl” dilemmas

thorens td165 reflectionIt is some time now that, in the rare occasions I have to listen to some music with my hifi system, I choose to play a vinyl record on my old Thorens TD-165 instead of a CD. It’s not about what kind of music to listen to, it’s just about listening to a vinyl record: unfolding it, cleaning it, letting the stylus descend, they all are gestures of a time gone but that are part of a relaxing ritual which is typical of using a turntable. Playing a CD would be faster, no time lost, but it would be no different from the frantic life of today’s world. What I’m looking for is an escape from this stress: we’re always on the run, so when I have some time to spend listening to music, I’d like to take a break from the frenzy. Preparing to listening to a vinyl record takes time – and this is just the point.

For the same reason I thought about starting a semi-commercial activity: restoring old turntables like mine and enjoy the hand work needed to eliminate the small defects due to aging; then I would resell the product, taking advantage of the vinyl resurgence of the last years. Where’s the dilemma? My own Thorens TD-165 was given to me by a friend who did not use it. It was the basic model of the brand’s production in the 70s, it was the cheapie. The top of the line was then the TD-160, more expensive still today and also widely considered still worth of high-level modern hifi systems. If I’ll be servicing old Thorens TTs, the TD-160 will sure be one of the models to focus on. But how could I work on one of them for weeks only to part from it without ever thinking about keeping one for myself?
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